lord shroud
Silent Authority - Life Sentence
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"Just seen as thugs in the eyes of police.

Profiled, arrested brought to their knees.

Herded into prison working for free.

Modern day slaves of the elite “

D-Beat hardcore punk from Florida. 

Lunar Bloom - Purple
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Purple // Lunar Bloom

the morning dawn was once so vivid

the colors have all been robbed from me

the purples burst, the greens desert

and black and white is all that’s left for me

i won’t tell you how to feel

i won’t tell you a thing anymore

New band from South Florida playing music in the vein of The Smashing Pumpkins and Hum. Members of Blistered, Featherweight, and Methmouth





Shit Luck @ The Talent Farm 4/17/14 


From Ashes Rise - Accomplishment
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From Ashes Rise - Accomplishment

Your goals hang in front of your eyes, but today you’ll spend waiting, suffering. Your goals have turned into dreams, another year spent waiting, suffering. Your dreams reduced to nothing but pay stubs and bills. Suffering, waiting to die. What you never knew—those goals, they weren’t for you. You never were supposed to succeed. Never. Now go back to work you fucking slave.

Wolfbrigade - This Is Life
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Wolfbrigade - This is Life

Snared to a lie 
Feign content and comply

Ringo Deathstarr - Just You
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Ringo Deathstarr - Just You (Twin Peaks)